RC Crawling 1:24 & 1:18 Scale

These mini off-roaders bring the excitement of rock crawling to tabletop, offering a fun and challenging way to navigate obstacles and conquer terrains with scaled-down realism. Ages 12+ (Recommended)


Open Play





RC Soccer & Tanks

Control miniature RC cars on the pitch, score goals, and outmaneuver your opponents for a thrilling and action-packed match. 

Take control of powerful miniature tanks, strategize your moves, and engage in epic battles. It’s a fusion of strategy, skill, and pure fun. Think of it as Laser Tag but with Rc tanks. 
Ages 8+ (Recommened)


Soccer & Tanks

1 hour*

Combined Time


Car/Tank Included

*Open play if no one is waiting

All 3

Why settle for one when you can play all three? Start on the pitch to score some goals. Transition to some epic battles with the tanks. Then end the fun navigating obstacles with an off-roader

Car/Tank are included and we have $5 crawler rentals if you don’t have your own


$10 off!

2 hours*

Combined Time



*Open play if no one is waiting

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