Here are some of the questions I’ve been getting. Hopefully this helps. I’ll try to keep this updated

Ages 12+. Younger kids have fun playing but also get frustrated. Also, in our experience they are rougher on the tracks and RCs. 

YES! You can bring in your own 1:18 or 1:24 scale crawlers. Otherwise we have crawlers for rent $5/hour and $2 for every extra hour

As of right now it’s open play on the RC Crawling. If its gets really crowded we may have to start with time limits of at least an hour.

Soccer and tanks has a 30 min – 60 min time limit depending on your package. 

RC Hobby is meant to enjoy with others. If no tables are empty, ask to join with others. Each track can have about 2-4 RC crawlers on it. If there are empty tables start there. 

Some tables may be more popular than others, if you are playing on a popular track and there are others limit yourself to 10-15 min and come back to it later and let others try out the track