Team Building Activities

Team Building/Corporate Events

Want a fun team-building activity? Come to RC Arena! Our place is perfect for your team to bond and have a blast with RC cars. You can navigate cool courses, play RC soccer, or battle tanks. It’s a great way to build teamwork and have fun together. Book your team event now and let’s make some memories at RC Arena!

  • Rock crawling fosters teamwork as teams navigate challenging terrains together, promoting communication, and problem-solving
  • RC soccer encourages teamwork and coordination as teams strategize, pass, and score goals together, enhancing collaboration and unity.
  • Laser tag tanks require teamwork, strategy, and communication, fostering camaraderie and unity among teams.
"**Great place to have some fun! We had a company event here and I didn’t want to leave. If you want to set something up I would say use their site to book an appointment. The owner is super chill and really knows his stuff."
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"Went to a Christmas Party here and it was so fun. Lots of different courses to experiment with. A great way to have something fun and interactive to do while still being able to chat and laugh."
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"...This would be great for a family night, date night, work party, or hanging out with friends."
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"...It was a fun activity to do with a group."
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Parties & Events

Birthday Parties & Private Events

At RC Arena, we turn birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and private events into unforgettable experiences for all ages. Step into the excitement of RC soccer, crawling, or tank battles, and make memories with your group. We accommodate groups of all sizes for your special occasion.

"Had a blast here! I was transported back to my childhood. Navigating the technical courses was challenging and time well spent. The staff were all very friendly and cool. We loved the tanks too. Great place for a birthday party or date night."
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"Had a super fun time on a double date here! Fastest 30 minutes ever! It’s like rocket league but irl!"
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"Really fun! We brought the kids and had a tank battle- with the tanks laser shooting each other. We also played soccer with our RC cars. Such a fun time! It would be a great birthday party- we loved it!"
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"My family loved the RC Arena!! It was a very cool spin on a game of soccer! They also have a lot of very cool RC terrain. Definitely recommend this place for a fun time with friends and family"
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RC Soccer

RC Soccer

Axial ax24

Micro Crawling

Laser Tag Tanks

Laser Tag Tanks

Upcoming Events

May Events
May Youth Comp

May Youth Comp

May 24th 6pm

May Crawling Competition

May Crawling Comp

May 25th 1pm

June Crawling Comp

June 22nd 1pm