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New Year’s Crawling Comp

Our Second Crawling Competition!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who joined us for our second crawling competition! We had 33 competitors across 3 classes, doubling our first competition’s turnout. This time, I made updates to my scoring app, allowing scores to be displayed live on a TV screen, giving you real-time insight into the scoreboard. However, creating new software always comes with its challenges. I didn’t anticipate the number of participants, and there was a limit to pulling data in one call, which was set at 100. Consequently, after reaching 100 records, the scores were not entirely accurate, as they didn’t show everyone’s full scores. My sincere apologies for any confusion caused. The issue has already been fixed and is ready for the next event. Thank you for your understanding!


Last time, we connected four tables to create two larger courses for competition. This time around, we ran each course separately, totaling four different courses. The winner was decided by their cumulative score across all four courses. This format provides flexibility; if you encountered challenges on one course, you still had the opportunity to excel in the other three and stay in the running.

  1. Little Sahara – kind of looks like a white sandy desert
  2. Uintas – our mountain-scape course
  3. Moab – complete with Delicate arch
  4. Bryce – Has a canyon and some hoodoos

Enough talk! We want results!

As mentioned earlier, I had initially planned to have a live scoreboard, but the data proved to be a bit overwhelming for my scoreboard app, resulting in an incomplete result set. After a few days of organizing the data, we also encountered an issue where runs for participants in multiple classes got crossed (rest assured, that’s all straightened out now). I’m pleased to share that our scores are now finalized and ready for the world to see!

New Years Crawl Scores

I’m working on improving the data processing for better accuracy. As you can observe in Class 1, the person in the first position didn’t complete all the tracks due to their RC breaking, resulting in the lowest points. However, the actual winner in that class is Nash Hendry. Additionally, there were a few participants who had to leave before completing all the courses, participating in only 2-3 tracks.


Class 1: Nash Hendry
Class 2: James Sockrider
Class 3: Giovanni Juliano

Congrats! We have some prizes for you at RC Arena, come on in to get them!


This time, we added an exciting element with prizes! Special thanks to Radz Hobbies and Parkinson Printing (a local 3D print shop) for providing fantastic prizes.

To enhance the experience, we enjoyed delicious pizza from Rock Creek Pizza and indulged in delightful bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Taylorsville.

As we continue to host more competitions, we’re eager to gather even more prizes. If you know of anyone interested in contributing prizes or any vendors who’d like to provide food, feel free to let me know!

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