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Lucky Crawl Results

March Crawling Competition

For this crawling competition we had some great sponsors. We had Fair RC, FlubRC and West Valley Hobbies with some great prizes. From Fair RC we had a Hobby Plus CR18P EVO Trail Hunter RTR RC and some Swag (hats), FlubRC sent us some of their inserts as a prize and West Valley Hobbies we had Wheels and Tires to give away.

We had 26 Competitors and a few that competed in multiple classes. A total of 29 runs. A few people had crawler issues and DNF or had to leave early and didn’t get to run both courses. Overall it was a great turnout. We think there was around 40-50 people with drivers and spectators


For this Comp we decided to combine our 4 courses into 2 courses to compete on. On our last competition we implemented time limits that way we are not taking a long time and keeping things going. With our 2 courses being longer this time we added an extra minute (6 min) with leniency the combination of Little Sahara and Bryce since Bryce is our biggest single course. After getting some runs in we bumped it up to 7 min and had about 5 people get a DNF for going over 7 min. Any that were a few seconds over we did not mark as DNF as we realize pauses and stopping time isn’t instant. Especially on Bryce with tunnels there were a lot of pauses happening. 

We also have a breakdown of each run on the courses. You can see which runs were over time. If you were marked as DNF on either of your runs you get a DNF over all since we go with a combination of both runs for your final score. 


For this Crawling Comp we had prizes from FairRc, FlubRC, and West Valley Hobbies. Thank you to our sponsors in sending us some amazing prizes to give out to our participants.

We did a raffle style prize drawing where everyone that participated were entered with one “ticket” and then 1st place got an extra 8 tickets, 2nd and extra 5 and 3rd an extra 3 tickets.  Pretty much what we started at our last competition as our prizes have different values and we have 3 winners from the 3 classes. 

Prize Winners:

  1. For the Fair RC Hobby Plus CR18P EVO Trail Hunter – Cody Cook
  2.  FlubRC inserts – Jerry Orton
  3. Tires – Mike Poulsen
  4. Wheels – Carlos Figueroa
  5. FairRC Hat – Nash Hendry
  6. FairRC Hat –  Van DeWitt

Congrat to the prize winner! Lots of you had already left. If you were not their to claim your prize, please stop by RC Arena!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that made it out to our March Crawling Competition! We hope to see you all at our next one in April!

Thank you to our Judges: Marshal, Carlos, and Nash that helped the comp moving smoothly!

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