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RC Crawling

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Soccer & Tanks


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RC Crawling 1:24 Scale

Experience precision and control on a smaller scale. These mini off-roaders bring the excitement of rock crawling to tabletop, offering a fun and challenging way to navigate obstacles and conquer terrains with scaled-down realism. Ages 12+ (Recommended)


Open Play


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RC Soccer & Tanks

Combine your love for remote control and soccer in this exhilarating game. Control miniature RC cars on the pitch, score goals, and outmaneuver your opponents for a thrilling and action-packed match. Ages 8+ (Recommended)

Take control of powerful miniature tanks, strategize your moves, and engage in epic battles. It’s a fusion of strategy, skill, and pure fun. Think of it as Laser Tag but with Rc tanks. Ages 8+ (Recommened)




Soccer & Tanks

1 hr*

Play time combined

Car/Tank Included

   *Open play if there is no one else waiting. 

RC Soccer

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